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Updated: November 2018

The Workshop Is: Open!

Availability: Currently – as of this update, written on November 8th – lead time for new-customer appointments is approx. two weeks. We have no new customer appointments available prior to the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide same-day, next-day, or emergency service.

Typically, all online inquiries receive a personalized response by e-mail before the end of the day — no later than the end of the following business day, whenever possible.



  • If necessary, you may e-mail us at: to provide us with photos, product links or details relevant to your service inquiry, however we cannot respond to new customer inquiries sent to this e-mail address that do not accompany a web form submission.
  • If the workshop is CLOSED, we may not be responding to new customer inquiries. Please check back for future updates if we fail to respond to your inquiry in a timely manner.