Container Store Kitchen Sale – 25% Off. You Buy It; We Install It!

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If you’re also a huge fan of this organizing wonderland, we have some very good news: The Container Store is currently running a 25-percent-off promotion on kitchen products through April 1. Some exclusions apply to certain brands, but, in general, now is the time to stock up.

Looking for a Cool, Subtle Night Light that Won’t Use Up one of your Outlets?

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Have a look at these functional, practical night-light LED outlet covers from SnapRays.

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The LEDs are built into outlet covers that are virtually the same size as standard outlet covers, and include a built-in light sensor that automatically turns the lights on when the nearby area is dark, and back off again when the area is light. To install the SnapRays, simply turn off the power to the outlet at the breaker box, unscrew and remove the current outlet cover, slide the Guide Light over the outlet, and then replace the existing screw to attach it to the outlet and turn the breaker back on.


Grand Modern House Across From San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square, $13MM | California_HOME+DESIGN

Where: 935-937 North Point Street, San Francisco
Asking: $13,000,000
What: A handsome, 2-unit house now on the market after undergoing a full renovation– a renovation that looks back to Paris in the 1920s. Created with the close involvement of the owner, the open, loft-like environment has a uniquely 1920s Parisian vibe, looking directly at the iconic c.1916 French Renaissance Revival factory/warehouse complex we know today as Ghirardelli Square.

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Yes, you read that correctly. You can live across the street from one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations in a permanent cloud of mocha for the low, low price of thirteen million dollars.

Now, let’s be fair; this is a stunning piece of new construction just down the block from the workshop. Clearly, the builder spared no expense to create a luxury home in a decidedly not-luxury neighborhood, and the photos bear out the quality of the work, though I can’t imagine what the decorator was thinking with that Mary Poppins-inspired awning over the back patio.

This thing is destined to be a luxury AirBnB destination for some real estate investor — though you’re right across the street from the Fairmount time-shares in Ghirardelli, and those come with concierge services — and I’d be shocked if this thing sold for anywhere close to its asking price, but what do we know?

From Apartment Therapy: “Real Life Rental Challenge: A Genius Update For A Bad ’80s Bathroom Light”



There’s nothing worse than those builder grade vanity strips in bathrooms, the ones that absolutely scream “HI, I’M CHROME AND WAS SENT FROM THE ’80s TO DATE YOU!!” As a renter your options are limited, but I came up with a smart way to deal with these common eyesores.



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How Vincent Scully Changed Architecture – The New York Times


Professor Scully was the most rigorous of scholars, but he also believed that scholarship cannot be siloed, to borrow a contemporary term. He was not only widely read in his subject but also in literature, especially fiction; he was given to salt his lectures and conversations with references to figures ranging from Anthony Trollope to Anthony Poole. Unlike many in his field, he avoided the abstruse abstractions of French deconstructionism, but he was also devoted to the work of Harold Bloom, his Yale colleague in the English department, whose book “The Anxiety of Influence” did so much to help Professor Scully’s own approach to the course of architectural ideas through the generations. By embedding his field within the humanities, Professor Scully made the battle for the soul of modern architecture seem like a conversation among reasonable people.

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His pathbreaking first book, “The Shingle Style,” published in 1955, not only put an enduring name to a hitherto undefined direction in American architecture, but also provided a definitive understanding of and appreciation for the formal and cultural differences between European and American architecture, elevating the latter as part of a broad continuum extending across national borders from its then lowly status as a mere footnote.

Top-Rated Kitchen Pot Rack | Apartment Therapy


Simple but sleek, this metallic kitchen pot rack comes with 10 S-style hooks so you can hang everything from your spatulas to skillets without using up any valuable countertop space. Designed to hold up to 40 pounds, this wall-mounted wonder also boasts a savvy storage shelf (that can be configured two ways) so you have room to store pans other larger kitchen wares.

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We Don’t Pour Concrete, But We Sure Love Brutalism.

casa_mach_luciano_kruk_dezeen_2364_hero3_852x479.0From the D.C. Metro to the campus at U.C. San Diego, there’s a lot to love about the architectural style known as “brutalism.” While we’re not big advocates for it along the residential corridors of San Francisco streets (with notable exceptions), every now and then we see something we like and need to share it.


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