8 Cheap, Landlord-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Rental – The New York Times

via 8 Cheap, Landlord-Friendly Ways to Upgrade Your Rental – The New York Times

When you rent your house or apartment, your home renovation options are limited. You probably don’t want to spend thousands upgrading your kitchen, for example, only to move out in a few years — and risk losing your deposit. Your landlord might not want you tearing out that bathroom tile, even if it is terribly outdated.

However, there are inexpensive cosmetic changes you can make to any rental that don’t require as much effort as you’d think, and are easily reversible when you move out, if your landlord requires it. We’ve shared a few in the past, but here are some more ways to upgrade your rental without spending too much of your time or money.

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Before and After: This Son Gave His Dad’s Rental Kitchen A No-Reno Makeover | ApartmentTherapy.com : May 25, 2018

We’re always keen on spotting these stories about low-impact kitchen or bath upgrades for renters. In San Francisco, where even a terrible unit can fetch a king’s ransom in rent, making the best out of your landlord’s horrible attention to detail can be a godsend.

Click on through to the story of how one son-of-a-renter made a huge impact on his dad’s pad.


Shout out to this little electronics wrangler, which is a far better than my “Lean My Phone Against The Salt Shaker” method. This solution looks so streamlined, and is perfect for both checking recipes and streaming a Netflix show while cooking.

If you’re considering updating a room with peel-and-stick tiles, whether you’re a renter or not, Kevin has encouraging words:

  • If you’re a renter but want to make a big impact in your kitchen, I would definitely recommend the peel-and-stick tiles. Take your time to install, making sure they’re straight and well-aligned, and the change will really make a huge difference!

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from The Kitchn : “The Tiny Upgrade for a More Stylish Rental Kitchen”

If there’s one room in your rental apartment where a good handyman can help make the difference between a good home and a GREAT one, it’s either the bathroom or the kitchen. In this case, let’s turn to your kitchen and to Apartment Therapy’s sister site, The Kitchn, for help in figuring out where to focus your energy on apartment upgrades that won’t break your bank account or your lease.

The one thing my rental apartment kitchen has going for it is that it’s new. When the old tenants moved out, a team of contractors came and removed the ugly floors, cabinets, and countertops and replaced them with new versions — but new in no way equates to modern or cool. My kitchen looks, I imagine, about the same as many rental kitchens out there: beige and bland.


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Rental Updates that Won’t Upset Your Landlord | Apartment Therapy

You see a lot of posts on this site from Apartment Therapy. Though we consider the site a shadow of its former self in terms of scope and layout, we find its audience to be tightly in line with ours — city renters trying to make the most out of their urban homes — and we see value in a lot of the ideas they share.

One of those ideas is how to make improvements to your apartment that won’t conflict with your lease. Have a look at this page for their ideas, and even more in the comments section!

I’ve been in my rented apartment for three years and it’s starting to look a little dingy — water stains from a rainy winter have become a white-wall eyesore, my old bathroom never looks clean, even when it is, and the bedroom carpet has started to lose its newness. I’ve refreshed it in ways that are mostly on the cheap and won’t challenge my lease agreement, and thought I’d share them here.

by Theresa Gonzalez
Nov 29, 2017

5. Switch out light fixtures.
For my bedroom I wanted to wake up to something a little nicer, lighter than the cheap brass fixture that came with the place. I hired an electrician to replace it with a George Nelson lamp and will likely hire him again to replace it when I move out. The work cost about $60.


6. Add new hardware.
The cabinet handles that were originally in my kitchen were, to put it mildly, hideous. I swapped those out with simple, modern stainless steel ones from IKEA, and it completely transformed the room. Those can easily go back when I move out, or the landlord can keep mine since they cost so little.


As always, we can help you out with everything on this list and many more!

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Where and How to Find Vintage Schoolhouse Lighting | Apt. Therapy

e85238f6b4b5a70ba02eddf9544b1eed2d3cec82via Vintage Schoolhouse Lighting: Shop The Look for Less | Apartment Therapy

As much as we love schoolhouse-style lighting, it isn’t always the best idea to buy something truly vintage and hope it works. There are stores — such as Schoolhouse Electric or Barn Light Electric — who sell absolutely beautiful fixtures in this style, but they are often out of financial reach. To help you stay on budget, and get the look you want, we’ve rounded up some of the best lighting options out there, all well under $100.

… and if you buy them, we’ll install them.

Another affordable option, this one with clear glass (so pick up an Edison bulb to complete the look) and an aged metal frame. Find it at Target for $89.


7 Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Space

From DWELL …

Some interesting takes on bathroom remodeling from the folks over at Dwell. Never being ones to offer up economical ideas to charge up your living space, they nonetheless bring some exciting ideas to — what some consider to be — the most important room in the house. They say:

Gone are the days of bathrooms simply being utilitarian spaces.

Modern bathrooms can be private sanctuaries with the capacity to both revitalize you for the day ahead, or help you unwind after a long day’s work. If you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom, check out the following remodeling ideas and get inspired for your own project.

Source: 7 Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Space – Dwell